Benefits of Services Offered by Telemedicine Providers Explained in a Nutshell

Not many people know about this but telemedicine providers have been around for over four decades, serving people who live in remote areas. Such services not only benefit the patient, but they extend the reach of doctors and healthcare service providers to areas which were earlier considered to be beyond reach.

Telemedicine providers help mitigate issues such as healthcare shortages and extend the reach of medical services to many new patients worldwide.

At present, there are some eight million-odd patients who are benefiting from the services of telemedicine providers. The same figure is expected to go beyond hundred million by the year 2020.

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So, why is the adoption rate witnessing such an exponential growth?

The reasons are as follows –

  • Entire family is benefitted from such services
  • No more waiting in long queues outside waiting rooms
  • Consideration given to pre-existing medical conditions
  • Access to certified and experienced doctors, round-the-clock
  • No need to tie up with a particular doctor or insurance agency
  • Benefits such as prescription discount card, lab test, and imaging included

The technology for telemedicine has been around for a number of years now, but its reach and extent has increased all the more with the availability of handheld devices and fast internet connectivity in recent times.

These days, with virtually every person owning a mobile phone, you can consult a doctor from just anywhere. Usage of electronic health records is what is contributing all the more towards making telemedicine a much more accessible platform.

The other incentive for using it happens to be that it rules out the need for patients to visit a doctor’s clinic. This makes telemedicine a time-efficient tool for both the patient and the doctors alike, which brings us to the other great benefit offered by telemedicine providers

Telemedicine greatly reduces the cost of health care by decreasing the amount of time spent in traveling, with lesser visits needed to the hospital.

It reduces the number of medical staff needed by medical institutions.

In the end, it has been proved that telemedicine is just as good as in-person appointments.


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