Ways in Which Telemedicine and eHealth Improve Doctors’ Earnings

Who doesn’t love saving money?

I’m sure you must have heard about telemedicine and e-health which save a lot of money and time for patients as well as the healthcare industry.

The question is, if patients and the industry as a whole are benefited, then should the doctors be left out?

Does it mean that doctors too stand to gain money from this transaction?

Yes. Undoubtedly.


Telemedicine and e-health not only save doctors a lot of money, but they also enhance their practice as well. They also make their practice more cost-effective.

So, how is it that doctors can save money using telemedicine and e-health?

Let’s find out –

Whenever patients need care, doctors want them to visit their clinic or hospital. However, there are a number of patients who need care even after the duty-hours of doctors have ended. These patients, due to the unavailability of doctors outside their usual work hours, end up visiting hospitals or clinics.

These visits are not just unnecessary for the patient, but every time they make such visits, it is the doctor who ends up losing the money.  This money could have otherwise been earned by the primary physician.

Telemedicine and e-health ensure that the doctors are able to extend their working hours by squeezing in a few extra minutes for every patient.

The next advantage of telemedicine and e-health happens to be optimization of time as they ensure that patients do not miss their appointments. This is achieved by giving patients a convenient way to get healthcare services, no matter what exigency crops up at the last minute.

The ones who cannot turn up are provided an alternate time slot. If they are still not able to make it, then the doctors provide a virtual visit. Thus, this way both doctors and patients are benefitted.


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