Reasons Why Telemedicine Will Completely Revamp the Healthcare Sector

A certain degree of value has always been attached to the ability to reach out to patients remotely but the fee-for-service business model and the associated health plans have not supported it. The factors which have led to the Rise of Telemedicine today are rising expenses, the steady growth in the number of Accountable Care Organizations, increased interest in engaging consumers, emphasis on population health management and an acute shortage of healthcare providers.


Here are some of the reasons telemedicine providers will dramatically change healthcare in the coming times:

Rise of On Demand Care:  Earlier, the term on-demand care meant going to a clinic to get a check-up done and get a prescription. Today, however the meaning has undergone a complete change as now it means getting the prescription by email and having interactive sessions using video chat instead of going to a hospital or clinic. This provides great employment opportunities to primary care physicians and affordable healthcare to everyone right from the comfort of their homes.

Regulations Being Addressed: The regulatory scene is also changing gradually with the passage of time as barriers which earlier stood in the way of telemedicine providers are being broken down. The eligibility for reimbursement in telehealth services is slowly gaining acceptance worldwide. Laws are being amended to ensure that certain virtual visits to a medical practitioner are reimbursed just the same way as in-person visits are done. Apart from governmental mandates, professional groups are also emphasizing on setting guidelines for evidence-based telemedicine. On the other hand insurers are also doing their part in working in tandem with telemedicine providers to provide virtual care.

Increased Stress on Customer Experience: Customers had become extremely frustrated by the fact that they had to spend a lot of time in the waiting room when instead they should have spent more time with the doctor. Today however, emphasis is being laid on accommodating the additional demand for such patients who opt for virtual check-ups. Here telemedicine providers play a critical role in bridging the gap between demand and supply which leads to a much better customer experience.


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