Telemedicine: The Future of Healthcare Available Today

With the advent of time, the number of diseases which affects an average American continues to increase by leaps and bounds. One of the biggest reason behind such a precarious position is our laziness and our love for a sedentary life. We now have the remotes of all the appliances in our room in our mobile phones and yet we are so lazy that we don’t want to press the button for changing the channel on our TV or adjusting the temperature of our ACs. This is the very reason by obesity has become an evil in whose grip we continue to reel under. So at a time when we have become so lazy that we don’t want to get up to change the channels, how can we expect ourselves to be vigilant about our health, much less visit a doctor for regular checkups? For such folks here is the good news. Doctors are now available all the time and one does need to visit the clinic to get himself checked. It can now be done at the comfort of our homes with the aid of telemedicine and e-health.

A New Era in Medicine Dawns

Gone are the days when somebody ill had to get out of their house to reach a doctor. Now reaching this very doctor can at times be a very tedious task because not only can the doctor be far away but the travel in itself for someone who is unwell is nothing short of a harrowing experience. It is for this very reason that telemedicine is what is being preferred the world over. It is because not only does it reduce the number of visits that one has to pay to the doctor but in many cases it completely rules out the need to visit one. In the end not only are the doctors happy because they can devote more time to critically ill patients, the patients and their families too are happy because they no longer need to travel or wait in queues for their turn when going for a checkup. It can now be done just anytime and anywhere.

Principle behind Telemedicine

What is Telemedicine? That is the question which most of you might be wondering. In layman’s terms, it is the use of technology to provide medicine and healthcare related information to people living far and wide. How does this work? The concept is very simple – use of internet and cellular technology. Patients are made to wear devices which keeps tracking their vital stats in real time and keeps sending them to the concerned doctor or medical authorities. Anytime the stats go out of range or show any signs of abnormalities, the doctors immediately come into action and advice the patient for the best recourse. This in turn reduces the time spent in travelling and admitting a patient to a hospital and thus more number of lives are saved.

Thus using the platform of telemedicine and e-health not only can patients take greater care of their health but the hospital staff can also tinker the protocols according to the needs of each patient individually.


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