Why Telemedicine is a Revolution in Itself!

Imagine a night when your child comes to your room with complain of severe cough and body ache. The hospitals and clinics are closed. Now, where and how will you take your child to doctor?

The solution to these kind of medical emergencies is- telemedicine and e-health. It is one of the latest services in the field of healthcare technologies. Now comes the question that what exactly telemedicine means? Simply put, it is the process of using live streams and video cameras through internet to allow doctors deal with their patients. It also includes the consultations taken via telephonic calls and e-mails.

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Let us now discuss why telemedicine and e-health is a revolution in itself.

Firstly, telemedicine services have already made a grand entry in the market and now are highly demanded by people worldwide. One of the most practical applications of e-health is that patients can consult the specialists from anywhere in the world just sitting at their home. It is of great help in accidental cases or emergency cases or wherein the patient is not allowed to travel far off. Not only this, also after the surgery, the patients can consult regarding after care routine to follow.

Secondly, the rising growth of telemedicine and e-health services, in the years ahead, is going to remove the need for going to doctor for minor day-to-day health services. For instance, minor issues like cold, flu can be dealt with having a chat with the doctor online. Thus, these services are soon going to revolutionize the way OPD works these days.

Thirdly, they are rapidly facilitating the growth of remote patient monitoring service. As per as the latest research, by 2018, as many as 19 million people will use remote patient monitoring services. Through the use of e-mail and video, the patients can be more cautious of their condition and get their symptoms regularly discussed with concerned doctors till their condition is stabilized.

Last but not the least, the number of doctors who have welcomed this technique is also praiseworthy. Therefore, the ‘doctor on demand’ concept is gaining popularity at a rapid pace globally.

The healthcare industry has already opened doors and windows for telemedicine and e-health services. Further, in the coming years, these services are going to fully revolutionize the way the healthcare industry works today.


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